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Intel Core i7-14700 20-CORE CPU

Intel Core i7-14700 20-CORE CPU

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Game Without Compromise

Elevate your gaming experience with the latest 14th Generation Intel Core processors, crafted on the innovative Raptor-Lake Refresh Architecture. This hybrid-design integrates a blend of high-performance P-Cores and efficient E-Cores. The i7-14700 model boasts up to 20 cores (8 Performance and 12 Efficient Cores) and supports up to 28 threads. With maximum clock speeds reaching 5.4GHz, and remarkable versatility facilitated by support for PCIe 5.0 components, DDR4 and DDR5 memory, as well as All-New Wifi 7 connectivity, Intel equips you to excel.

Revolutionary Performance and Multitasking

Enhanced by a newly optimized hybrid architecture and industry-leading technology, Intel empowers you to transcend mere gaming and creation. From advancing in-game to excelling in real-life endeavors, Intel enables you to unleash your full potential.

8 Performance Cores

Unleash the potential to optimize the latest games and gaming software to their fullest extent.

12 Efficient Cores

Provide multitasking power to seamlessly navigate work, creation, and play.

Intel Thread Director

Ensures uninterrupted gaming experiences by ensuring background tasks never impede your progress.

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