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AMD looks to purchase


  1. AMD's Strategic Move: Acquisition of
  2. Closing the Gap with Nvidia
  3. Investment in Software Development
  4. Aligning with AMD's Strategy
  5. Acquisition Details
  6. Expansion Plans and Team Growth
  7. Future Outlook

AMD's Strategic Move: Acquisition of

AMD has announced its intention to purchase, an artificial intelligence startup, in a strategic move aimed at enhancing its software capabilities.

Closing the Gap with Nvidia

The company is striving to close the gap with its rival chipmaker, Nvidia, by investing significantly in software development, a key component for its advanced AI chips.

Investment in Software Development

AMD is committed to investing in and building a comprehensive suite of software to support its diverse range of chips, involving both internal investments and external acquisitions.

Aligning with AMD's Strategy

The acquisition of aligns with this strategy because it offers technology that simplifies the deployment of AI models optimized for AMD's chips, primarily serving large data center operators.

Acquisition Details

The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed by AMD., based in Santa Clara, California, had previously raised approximately $36.5 million in funding.

Expansion Plans and Team Growth

AMD's AI group, established earlier this year, will house the acquisition and currently comprises approximately 1,500 engineers, most of whom are focused on software development. AMD plans to expand this team by hiring an additional 300 engineers in the current year and more in 2024.

Future Outlook

Vamsi Boppana, Senior Vice President of the Artificial Intelligence Group at AMD, highlighted the company's rapid growth and its ongoing expansion plans. When asked about potential future acquisitions, Peng indicated that AMD remains open to such opportunities, stating, "We're always looking."

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